Learn how Scott Groves made a life-changing decision and returned to school

At age 37, Scott Groves had been working various jobs his entire adult life, but had not yet found his true calling. He began volunteering his time to mentor and coach inner-city youth and instantly had a positive impact on the kids. This drew a recommendation from his own mentor that he should consider a new career path and pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling. At first he ignored the advice (sound familiar?), but years later finally took action and requested a conversation with a Mid-America Christian University Enrollment Counselor. Scott credits his wife saying, “She was very encouraging and supportive of my decision to go back to school and pursue the future we believe God had in store.”

Scott said the task of returning to school initially seemed daunting. But now, looking back at the dedication MACU staff and professors invested in his future, he feels empowered and has a more purposeful life. He is pursuing his Master of Science in Counseling at MACU. After graduation Scott plans to continue working with inner-city children. Additionally, he would like to merge psychotherapy with wellness for a greater holistic approach to personal support and service.

Scott’s profile is similar to many other students who enroll at MACU. As a working adult, the thought of going back to school later in life seems overwhelming, even perhaps unattainable. However, MACU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies is designed for adults like Scott. Classes are available online, on-campus or a combination of both. Courses are structured so that adults with busy schedules can learn when they have time. MACU understands going back to school today isn’t the same as it was 10, or even 20 years ago. However, with a service-oriented team on hand, MACU will help you succeed!

What will be your success story?